Isotonic Measuring Spoon (50 Pieces) 爱尚它汤匙 (50入)

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Isotonic Measuring Spoon (50 Pieces) 爱尚它汤匙 (50入)

Isotonic spoon is developed specifically for the measuring of Isotonic products. The spoon measures one capful which is equivalent to 3.3gm . This is the simplest way to measure your isotonic products quickly and easily to maximize your time and minimize your spills. Good for measuring Isotonic OPC-3, Multivitamin, Calcium, B-Complex, Bromelain, Vitamin CD, Digestive Enzyme, Coenzyme Q10, Vision, Joint.

Great gift for new UFO or preferred customers when they purchase your products!


Price listed included 50 pcs spoon

一汤匙 = 3.3公克粉末


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